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RobH 05-27-2014 11:25 AM

Website IP
Hi, I created a website name and concept and had this executed. The people/company are now using this website for their real estate rental business. I have the rights on the name and the website and can turn this off at any time. I am not sure how this works and how the IP law works on this, as to how much I can invoice for them to take over the name and rights.

Hope someone can advise me on how to go about this.


jonathan.vogel 07-25-2014 08:25 AM

Unless you agreed to permit a third-party to benefit from the website you created, you are entitled to some portion of the unauthorized use of your website. If the real estate rental business generates many new clients and high streams of revenue, you should be able to place a lien on some of this revenue given that the primary reason for this revenue is your innovative website which permitted the real estate rental company to be successful in the first place.

However, to determine what legal procedure you must follow to promptly assert your rights you should contact an intellectual property attorney.

AmberSpringfield 11-03-2014 08:58 PM

If the domain is registered under your name you have the rights over the usage and the restrictions on the third-party use. If someone or a company has been using your website for commercial purposes, you can contact the company, send a cease and desist letter in using your website.

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