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anonsi 03-18-2013 10:27 PM

copyright on posting pictures
Hi, I need a definite answer if its ok or not.

There is this site, cheaterville , it allows posters to post a cheater that they know along with a picture of the cheater, but the site mentions that the postings should be truthful, truth in posting.

If you browse the site, there are tons of cheaters posted and I'm wondering if the posters that have posted them are using their own copyright pictures or ones that they've just randomly found. Is there a catch or something? How come all of these cheaters haven't ordered the site to take down their pictures if they didn't give permission to the poster to use them ? Because they definitely don't want their photo to be on that site..

If the pictures don't belong to the poster, can the exposed cheater that had their picture posted sue them ?

rgriff 04-02-2013 11:40 PM

Potentially there are several causes of action first would be libel assuming these accusations are false, but if they really are cheaters then libel will not work. Here is an article explaining libel in more detail.

Even if they really are cheaters there are what is known as invasion of privacy torts a good one to apply in this scenario might be approriation, which occurs when you use someone else's image to make a profit. For example if Wheaties just put Peyton Manning on their box without telling him or paying him he could sue for appropriation of the profits obtained.

There are also some other theories that might be explored in explained in this article.

One thing to know about the law is there are no guarantees or definite answers if you take something to court a myriad of things could happen, but certainly some claims are better than others. If this website is simply posting profiles of people accused of cheating and there are no additional facts then there is a good chance of success, but there could be more to the story.

JamieHarris 06-06-2014 07:51 AM

Wow that's hilarious! I'll check it out but that does sound fishy. Why would they allow something like that.

AmberSpringfield 11-03-2014 10:09 PM

First of all, it is unethical to have a site something like that. Secondly, regardless of the copyright law, posters might be charge of libel. This might not be a ground for copyright infringement because it will fall under "fair use" but there are other legal issues this might face.

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