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RKG 09-14-2014 04:49 PM

Travel Agency Airline Ticket Fraud
I purchased international air travel tickets Insignia Travels / My Dreamz Travels based at Irving, TX for me and my family. Travel agency delivered the itinerary after the full payment of $5850 thru our credit card. We provided our passport copy for issuing the tickets.

After completing our travel and arriving back home on 06/19/14, , I got a call on July 17, 2014, from ISHA Travels, NJ( whom we never knew before and never talked before) and demanded the payment of $7389 for the same tickets on which we travelled and made the full payment to My Dreamz Travels.
Isha Travels sent us the copy of passport, which I provided to My Dreamz Travels and also a copy of credit card with my name on it against which air tickets were issued. However, the credit card does not belong to me , it only has my name on it.

Apparently, either My Dreamz Travels used my passport information and a forged credit card with my name on it to purchase the travels tickets from Isha Travels or both of the travels agents are working together to scam me.

Recently I received a legal letter from Isha Travels demanding $7389 for the tickets on which me and family travelled and are fully paid to Insignia Travels / My Dreamz Travels. Please advise what to do in this matter.

rhinojd 09-22-2014 06:44 PM

If you have receipts showing the $5,000 charge then use those and tell the other agency to f'off basically.

Many agencies simply write payment demands in hopes of getting it, but there is often no consequence to not paying. It I could send you a $200 bill for this post, but it doesn't mean you have to pay it.

If this other company illegally obtained your information or the other agency released your information to another agency then you may have a solid lawsuit for public disclosure of private facts, invasion of privacy, or even fraud, and I would suggest hiring an attorney to review your case.

You can use the Texas Bar Association or free attorney matching services like legalmatch. Here is an article explaining invasion of privacy.

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