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Copyright 2015 Brian E. Cook
Hello. As a new member; my Introduction to the Community would suggest a rather conflicting legal issue, of which pertains to different categories of Law. However, my Primary issue is of Civil Rights, since my problems derive, and are an effect of the "Conspiracy Theory" Era, further complicated by a Verdict Rendered by the Ohio Supreme Court in reference to a Franklin County Probate case, that remains withheld from my possession since 1974. In 2004 I did receive a letter from the Ohio State Supreme Court, and after I arrived; the letter was confiscated by the Clerk's office, whom I believe subjected me to memory deficits with a device known as a "Memory Interrupter," the consequences of which caused the loss of relevant documents, and Copyright Work located in a folder that was in my possession during the encounter. Throughout the Ordeal; my obscure Sexuality has been harbored from my knowledge, therefore I have been denied due care thereof, yet common prerogatives to determine how my identity as "The Hermaphrodite" was Documented, thereby I have endured many clandestine allegations that pertain to my offspring, and their own misconceptions compounded by their own actions despite my incoherence of their Parturition. Since I cannot locate data of my sexuality which I have sustained knowledge as of January 2014, I can only assume that the Legislation Branch has passed a Bill to prohibit disclosures and to Classify persons such as myself, or discriminate against me specifically; if not, then I suffer the consequences of the Ohio State Supreme courts Verdict Rendered in 1974; whom conducted an Interrogation over the telephone, then attempted to divert my statements after they subjected me to memory deficits with a memory interrupter. Evidence of such does exist on electroencephalogram reports conducted for the fifth time in 1994; the tracers of which were used to exploit my Regressions. Meanwhile my name was spelled Bryan from birth until I was forced to name change after I spent approximately 21 years spelling my name Brian; an effect of any adversaries premeditation whom lead me to misspell my name in conjunction with an altered Birth Certificate. Otherwise I suffer violations of Amendments 5, 9, 13, and 14, therefore I am obstructed from my affairs by Ohio Judicial systems whom assume possession of my Identity. They apparently believe that they can legally enslave me for allegations of which lead to the Probate Courts Appeal. Copyright Royalties accumulated since 1979 remain withheld from my possession of which Perpetrators seek. Thus I have endured 50 years of discrimination, whereby my adversaries obstruct my welfare and sabotage my Employment, Relationships, and Opportunities. Copyright Royalties, Bequeaths, and Trusts remain withheld if not Executed. The Public attempts to intimidate me at Random, and I suspect in an attempt or succession to pursue such Assets. My Income derives from SSD, and I cannot obtain legitimate medical treatment for even simple thrush; an effect of my adversaries Ludicrous attacks wherein they have poisoned me to reduce normal Anatomic Resistance. All Offspring born from my Auxiliary Reproductive Organs located in my throat; have been Abducted with premeditation and in some instances with Intent to profit from Potential Talents thereof. Caution should be exercised in reference to any deliberations or misconceptions, that descriptions herein are Copyright Protected within an Autobiography, and may include an act of Mandamus within described Ohio Supreme Courts Verdict of which could involve Copyrights and that has obstructed me indefinitely. So I am obstructed as the Heir to an Estate in Escrow believed to involve Oil Wells, Mining and Agriculture; whereby the State of Ohio harbors grave animosity thereof with Prejudice, whom has influenced other entities to withhold settlements that I have acquired throughout my life for Copyright and Inventive designs; while in the midst, I was subjected to memory deficits. The cause of such Appeal is the result of Inter sexual relatives who applied derogatory allegations of sexual misconduct and name calling, whereby all parties assumed advantage of my circumstances and withheld information, when such irresponsibility resulted in a Pregnancy at two years of age another at seven; and even ten after semen was either inducted into food or used as a disguise; amongst any Asexual Conceptions. I suspect that the quantity of Offspring whom derive from my Auxiliary organs are estimated at over one hundred Infants; all whom have been abducted. Such animosity has
obstructed my affairs and welfare which could include any televised issues thereof.
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crime, discrimination, family, intellectual property, probate

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