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Old 12-25-2014, 05:34 PM   #1 (permalink)
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the state of Arizona is having issues with CPS. And so did I.

the state of Arizona has been having some serious issues with CPS and the way they've been dealing with thingsI had a case open with CPS and I had kept notes on everything that happened with them and everything that I felt they did wrong but long story short my case was closed because that's some bullshit that didn't happen and my kids were adopted out to my mother in law.now with all my documentation and notes and keeping it track of everything on paper can I go and have my CPS case reopened and have it looked over? And if so who would I need to contact to do this I know my case worker no longer works there and if I call CPS directly they won't give me the time of day so how do I go by doing this what is the first step to take
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Old 12-29-2014, 12:59 PM   #2 (permalink)
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CPS Appeal

After an investigation, if CPS has reason to believe that a parent, guardian or custodian abused or neglected a child and makes a decision on the matter, then a letter will be sent to the accused and it will also explain how the decision can be appealed by the accused and how the accused can request a copy of the decision/ CPS report.

If an appeal is requested by the accused, the Division of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) Protective Services Review Team (PSRT) will look at the appeal and review all information and determine if there is enough evidence to either agree with the decision made by CPS or reverse the decision. If the PSRT disagrees with the decision made by CPS, the person accused will be sent a letter and the abuse or neglect will not confirmed/made

If the PSRT agrees with the CPS decision, a appeal hearing will be scheduled for the accused with the Office of Administrative Hearings. At this hearing, an Administrative Law Judge will hear all the evidence and make a decision about the allegation and finding.

Every decision that is made by the government can and must be reviewed under the Due Process Rights one has
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Old 03-17-2015, 10:12 AM   #3 (permalink)
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Angry Taken out of school, drug tested, VIOLATED RIGHTS!!

My sister is not the "perfect" Mom, her son stays up too late misses too much school etc. My sister is depressed but does not abuse/drug her 11 year old son and one year old daughter!A school official told a CPS worker that my sister was drugging her 11 year old son on the weekend.(because he appeared out of it every Monday) CPS came to her house demanding her scripts, opened them and started to count them and asked outrageous questions and accused her of this crime. While this chaos was going on at 8:30 a.m her son was removed from the school without her or her husband knowing and taken to the local hospital to first be drug tested and then interrogated. He spent the entire day at the hospital and at the humane service department playing wii and asked questions about his living conditions and if his Mother ever put things into his drinks. When my sisters husband came to the school to pick up his son (mind you my sister was unable to communicate with her husband so he had no idea this was taking place) and his son never came out of school he went into the school to see where his son was at.The school officials stated they could not give him that information. He was so traumatized and concerned for his son he couldn't contain his tears, he frantically drove home! Later that evening there son was dropped off at home. The test did come back negative and no one ever came back to the house. The parents removed there son from this public school and placed him into a different school mainly because of there sons fear of returning to that school. He is in fear that it will happen again.. My nephew has an i.e.p in place for speech, I know he has many psychological issues (present before this traumatic event) including separation from his mother he becomes anxious and will cry if hes away too long. I know he has a learning disability he struggles with reading and writing..

There is more to this story the workers accused my sister of being a heroin addict and said something about a necklace she should be wearing? She is NOT a heroin addict but bc of her addiction to codein 3 years ago and her becoming pregnant 2 years ago they placed her on a drug called subutex (this is all documented by a doctor) The c.p.s worker knew about this bc they mentioned her being on this drug during her pregnancy and quoted statements she made the day she delivered her daughter. I know what they did was wrong or the way they did it, drug testing a minor without parents knowing, demanding to count scripts and physically opening the bottles, interviewing the minor , removing child from school for the entire day until dinner time, parents not knowing where there baby is ALL DAY! reading protected hospital p.w. many problems with this story. What can the Family do?
respectfully written,
Dona from WI
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