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Old 06-02-2014, 04:13 PM   #1 (permalink)
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please help

this post is long but i tried to include everything so i could have the best advice. thank you, i really need help.
case is set for dismissal 6-30

8-28- wife took kids an left
9-4- wife moved into know drug house , with accused child molester
9-5- i left ca. for Oregon after receiving phone call from mandatory Reporter.
9-6 divorce and endangerment papers filed
9-7 endangerment granted, i received temp custody of children. Wife, supervised Visits 3 hours a week.
9-8/9-10- enrolled kids with school, doctors ,welfare etc.
9-9- dhs got involved
9-18- no contact order filed
9-20 -served no contact order, custody remained with me , only dealt with me. and wife. i was attested on warrant that me and wife had in Idaho. i was extradited and put in jail.
dhs. Picked up kids.
9-21- kids where returned to my temporary residence with my roommates i left notarized paper giving them rights over kids and my affairs.
9-21/9-24 wife tried to take kids by force few times, police and dhs called, children left where i placed them.
9-24-wife and police took my rv and all my stuff from kids.
9-26 dhs denied wife from having children living in my rv in a parking lot as well as having them living or visiting the molesters house.
10-4- endangerment order dismissed because i was in jail ,even though i had children’s temporary guardian to appear with notarized doc. Giving them rights.
dhs. Kept kids in temp. House.
12-7- molester not around wife, children allowed to go vist her at motel. it was Christmas vacation. She kept them.
12-9 wife moved in to apartment..
12-16- i was released
12-18- returned to Oregon
12-19 - filed modification of restraining order, order of mediation ,status quo order, police recovery assistance form.
12-19/12- 30 - order mediation granted, recovery child order denied, status quo order granted, with children listed at my addressee and visiting mom at hers.
dhs decided , children better off in apartment rather than with me on a couch as long as molester not there and no drug use.
it was also decided for me to just visit at schools until courts figured it out.
Mother lost housing assistance for drug use.
i completed mediation orientation.
1-4- mother switched there schools, residence, and welfare, violating status quo order, and still not allowing me or anyone to pick up or visit kids, and no phone calls, again violating stats qou order as well as listed molester as emergency contact on school paperwork.
1-5 i visited kids at school, molester had moved in with wife. dhs involved again. wife instructed .to get rid of him. i tried filing stalker order against him was denied.
1-10 modification of restraining order was granted but gave me less custody and visitation then i had at the school because she had physical custody, so i with drew the .motion.
1-10/1-17ish- visitation at school, numerous reports of molester being around kids, mother warned yet again.
i completed parenting classes.
1-17ish -children kept home for 16 days, kicked out of school.
1-4- i purchased a car, laptop , clothes, rented po. Box. , registered vehicle etc.
2-9- children admitted back to school with dhs help and doctors note.
2-10- visited children at school informed mother had once again moved molester in.
i informed school i was taking my kids, well within my legal rights. they denied me. Police called, i was verbally trespassed from school. my car impounded because i had fl. lic. dhs called , case worker unavailable. Supervisor who had no knowledge of case had them sent to mother.
dhs to mothers and took kids.
2-11 - dhs meeting, me, wife case workers, drug supervisors.
it was agreed upon that if molester did not move we would lose kids, if he moved kids would be returned to mother until i had house ,my visitation would wait until march 5th my divorce court date, or i had house.
2-18- i bumped into wife, she had change of heart and asked me to come see kids and work out uncontested divorce i was in and out of house, with her and kids, paid some her bills an took care of some of kids needs.
2-23-.wife called needed ride for kids in morning..i crashed in my car by my rv on her property, per our agreement we had worked out.
2-24- she had me attested first thing in morning was not cited or attested on restraining order violation, i proved mutual contact however. my Idaho probation was violated by an un-understanding probation officer, i was extradited to Idaho for a probation violation. my car was left at wife’s.
3-5- missed my court date for final divorce
3-8- wife appeared for something, not sure what and can’t get any paperwork.
Wife appeared for mediation was deemed un mediation able, i was in jail.
3-10- i authorized son to pick up mail from my po. box.
4-20ish- received letter from wife saying we are divorced, i have supervised visits, and i can talk to kids when out.
5-7- son picked up tax check my id, my title from po. box
5-7 / 5-21-dmv issued new title for my car. wife forged my name, stole my lap top from car as well as cash and the few things i had gotten since last time she stole it all, and stole all my legal paperwork.
5-20- released from Idaho jail ,placed on probation. Called kids, got in argument with wife, threatened to call police about restraining order that she said didn’t exist no more in letter she wrote.
5-22- contacted police about car was told i have to present the dmv paper work and then they would decided if its civil crime or not. Learned restraining order still in effect had them do health and welfare check on .
Contacted dhs. case has been closed ,but they knew of no new paper work or judgment ,also mentioned wife involved in another case, would give no details,
Contacted kid’s school, no response.
Contacted family solutions about visitation, they have no new paperwork on file.
Contacted civil court, they said no new orders filed,though they said wife tried to file a judgment order that was a photo copy that wasnt filed out, im assuming it was from my orignial paper work she stole. case set for dismissal on 6-30.
5-22 worked out verbal agreement with wife, allow me to talk to children nightly if i don’t push my car issue, and the welfare checks.
5-22/now- talk to kids most nights. am told the molester isn’t around no more, now there’s some other guy that just lays there all day smoking pot, however the kids like him and he doesn’t touch them. i Have talked with wife through 3rd. party. Usually ends with her screaming and us not making any ground about uncontested divorce.
kids are also saying that wife is planning on moving to Washington an has in fact took them up there as well as other long trips, which is a violation of status quo order.
My paperwork should be done next week for transfer back to Oregon, where I have to get all the paperwork, but if im stuck here what can I do.
So what are my options and choices, i have no lawyer, I’m broke she has everything and I’m 8 hours away with no car and no clue what to do.
6-1 she broke off me talking to kids

Thank any and all of you for taking the time to read this silliness’…

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Old 06-10-2014, 05:57 PM   #2 (permalink)
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What is set for dismissal on June 30?

It sounds like you need to complete the divorce and obtain an agreeable visitation schedule between you and her. It sounds like these kids are going through a lot you were in Jail and the mother is going through issues as well.

You and the mother fighting in court is not going to do the kids any more favors so it is best to work together with the mother and not fight her.

You want to have a court order in place that clearly explains when you have custody and when she has custody and leave it in place here is a brief article explaining the process. http://www.legalmatch.com/law-librar...isitation.html .

It sounds like there has bee a lot of tough things for both you and your ex over the last year and your kids are having to deal with the brunt of it.

Work together with her and get a court order so everyone in this situation can have some stability.

Good luck in this difficult situation.
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Old 09-12-2014, 01:52 AM   #3 (permalink)
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Take a legal order from court and just go through it properly, check all the documents in detail and then claim for the custody.
All the best
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