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Innocent man wrongfully convicted

I like to hear a lawyers opinion on this particular case as I've contacted various Law Schools as well asking for them to watch this federal case.

Here is a brief explanation about this case: A former news reporter and political activist was posting news articles(Also a political activist) calling for a State Senator to be removed from office. Little did he know that the Senator has a son that was also a District Attorney of that same county the news reporter had lived in. That Senator was also a town Attorney of the very town to which it's police department conducted the criminal investigation. The political activist received a computer virus which he stated he believed that virus framed him with child pornography possession. He also calls it the eMule virus. The Senator is the town Attorney and is the ONLY Attorney over the town and it's police department. That same Police Department raided the home and claimed to have found child pornography that same day without going through any usual crime lab procedures. The Detectives of this small town are not ASCLD/LAB acreditated crime lab experts as mandated by the State Bureau of Investigation crime laboratory that conducts child pornography investigations and forensic examinations for the North Carolina SBI. The crime lab was never used in this particular case for the news reporter. No forensic towers were ever used. Because of this child pornography had downloaded repeatedly to the Defendant's computer for exactly eleven months while it was under the custody of the Town of Mayodan Police Department and then passed onto the SBI Agent in charge Rodney V. White. The U.S. Attorney knew this and yet he has done everything he could to get the Defendant thrown in prison for two years plus a halfway house if he had his way. The U.S. Attorney knew the Defense Attorney was ineffective counsel so the Defendant was offered a plea deal of time served. His health was brittle and his weight was dropping severely towards 140lbs. He was forced to plead guilty to child pornography possession when there was evidence that he was framed with child pornography and that his political enemies were involved in both the search warrant process and the child pornography investigation. The Detectives admitted to being able to manually add people's IP Addresses to child pornography databases of the Boca Raton, Child Protection System and can add whoever they want to their database without having to prove that actual child pornography was downloaded.

The Defendant finally got a better Attorney Pro Bono and tried to get a computer forensic expert involved but the stubborn idiots at the SBI won't allow such examination of the computer. The Defendant is being given threats including from the U.S. Attorney. The Defendant has repeatedly filed complaints with the U.S. Department of Justice against the U.S. Attorney but all are being ignored. His phone calls are now being fettered with a weird audio signal like the U.S. Attorney Office is afraid that the Defendant will speak out against them. He is being threatened and oppressed right and left for his freedom of speech. He wonders if he should take this back to a Jury Trial to show them that this child pornography thing is a ruse and that his due process is being denied right and left to keep him from proving his innocence. The report suggests that there are child pornography files found on his computer that were added after the fact that his computer was seized. If a computer forensic expert examined the computer in question then the Indie expert may find evidence proving that child pornography was planted on his computer after his computer was seized due to time stamps that do not match the custody of the Defendant's computer since it was seized. This may imp[licate the SBI and the Mayodan Police Department in child pornography frame up type operation all to protect their dear town Attorney and State Senator. Brian has falsely plead guilty to child pornography possession but is planning on proving Actual Innocence. He is currently on the *** Offender Registry while he is fighting to prove his Innocence.

You can read his public case files here to see the evidence he has publicly filed on Docket without redaction because he wanted every lawyer and private investigator to know his ordeal. With how dirty the Prosecutor is and the law enforcement agencies all connected with the counties where the State Senator has his good ole boy connections, should venue be changed or should there even be a Jury Trial as a Jury would see the dirty stuff being done and the lies being told out of desperation to keep this innocent man on the *** Offender Registry. He is also involved in 2011 in a Federal copyright infri9ngement lawsuit case in which it was revealed that the Defendant has brittle diabetes and Autism Spectrum Disorder. His health has deteriorated to the point where he requires the need of a medical caretaker to which his Mother has volunteered to take care of his medical needs as was said in a Declaration to the Court. The Defendant had apparently won the lawsuit but was denied Attorney Fees. Apparently in this case the Defendant kept posting stuff against the Plaintiff on the internet which made them angry during the settlement negotiations. It was Righthaven LLC which they folded. I am sure the Mayodan Police has seen how vicious he can be when his backs against the wall. So now they are barring him from using the internet and placed him under Home Detention so he cannot make friends to start a attack campaign against the U.S. Attorney for knowingly allowing child **** to download on his computer while he didn't even have it in his custody, and the U.S. Attorney pushed for a plea agreement knowing that he may have been framed with child **** at the time of his guilty plea.


The case is United States of America v. Brian David Hill. In the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina.

I would like to hear any lawyers opinion on the matter since this case is apparently being looked at by different Law Professors across the spectrum. I am statistically tracking how many people are clicking the link to see his case and the stats on archive.org are going up significantly ever since. It appears Law Professors are taking this case seriously and are investigating the matter with Research stuff. I would love for lawyers here to state what they think of this case as everything I have told you is the truth of this man's case. A portion of it I heard from my friend and the rest are filed on case docket or another one of his friends discussed with me. it is too complicated to pinpoint the source of all of the information but I can assure you it is accurate.

What do you guys think of this news reporter? Do you think a Jury will believe him if he can prove that child **** was downloaded to his computer while at the SBI Office? Can he prove evidence planting and tampering? Will he be able to suppress this evidence or use it to prove factual Innocence? In a case of conflict of interest and political corruption would a Jury take it seriously? and will his Autism lead the Jury to not Pre-Judge him as guilty outright without investigating the facts with a fine tooth comb?

I believe he should risk it with the facts of conflict of interest and facts of his computer being messed with if he can indeed prove it. If he has enough for Actual Innocence then he can get out of this whole mess without being thrown back in Jail. What do you think?

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