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Like I said, possession is nine tenths of the law...

If he would like to evict her because she won't let him use her home as a way station, he can try that, but he cannot walk in willy nilly just because his name is on the deed... and he certainly should not expect to use her bed and sheets and food. There is NO REASON TO EXPECT THAT. NOT EVEN A LANDLORD could get that kind of access to a tenant's property.

NO, he cannot stay... and the only way apparently to prevent him from staying is to lock him out... Nobody should have to put up with a former common law spouse stealing their personal property... or shared personal property. Theft of those things is the best reason to give a judge if he calls you on locking him out. But I doubt a judge would think Grace has any common sense.

But do go to the small claims court and get repaid your share of what he took already.

It really would help if you quit speed reading, Grace. You lack clarity and you miss content that you then complain that you didn't see. Not MY fault you didn't read it.

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