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I don't remember seeing anything in these posts about the law... except after someone ranted and stepped all over someone else's toes and suggested that she was unfair and possibly keeping HIS stuff when the exact opposite is true. Judy seems to have noticed an embellishment or two that gave her recognition of the kind of person who does things like this to strangers. I'm sure he took what he needed when he moved out, but now he is taking assets that are personal property of both of them without an accounting or even notice. That in itself is reason enough to lock him out... but reasonably, since HE moved out, you have every right to lock him out and let him request entrance. This is NOT a public house. It is your personal residence. He has no right to permanent access since HE LEFT. If he wants his stuff, he can make arrangements with you for access WHEN YOU ARE AVAILABLE. And skip the loudmouth vibes. She probably just had cereal spilled on her best suit or something. Everybody has bad days... she just has more than most.

Remember that old saw that possession is 9 tenths of the law? You have accepted the "job" of selling the place. He is NOT welcome because he does NOT live there... he just scouts your belongings for what he wants to steal. He simply moved out, abdicating all responsibilities except for protecting his asset and his credit rating. If he stops PAYING, YOU WILL GET A PORTION OF HIS SHARE WHEN IT IS SOLD. But you might find that to be a burden... so maybe YOU would move out... and then both sets of credit records will be tarnished. But then the issue is that he is removing property that is partly yours without an accounting or payment to you... much less permission. Find a locksmith and be SURE he can't get in. Then go to small claims court and demand payment for your share of the stuff he took.

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