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Denied Promotion

I work for a fairly large corporation that promotes from within. This basically means that everyone starts on the ground and works their way up. Even the Division manager(topdog in ATL div) started out working in the stores.......

I am in my 9th year with the company. I have been denied promotion for about the last 5 or 6 years. I have had more than one manager attempt to get me promoted. On 5 occasions that I am aware, they have approached a specific supervisor(there are approximately 8-10 Supervisors covering the Atlanta area) in an attempt to get me on the promotion list. According to Policy, if both the store manager and the Supervisor agree that I should be considered, the Supervisor takes my PAR to the rest of the supervisors for final consideration.
If the Initial Supervisor does NOT agree that the employee(me) should be considered, That supervisor is to give the Employee(me) a statement or record within 2 weeks, so as to inform the employee what steps would be necessary in order to be considered.
After 5 attempts that I am aware of, I have not received this statement.

I did go the Career counseling approach and had that meeting with My Mgr, Sup and HR Rep......I plan to do another if nothing happens real soon.

There is so much more to add and so much more evidence that should suggest I get the promotion, but I am currently not on the list.
Quite frankly, the biggest reason I want the promotion is that I will then work Mon-Fri, rather than Thurs-Mon. I have a 12 YO son who has played travel baseball for the last 5 years or so. I dont know how many games I Have missed, but I have suffered mental anguish I think as a result of missing him grow up.........I dont want to leave(cant afford to anywho) and I dont want to step down and work overnights. But, I am faced with the reality that I may have to step down so I can spend time with my son. Stepping down would mean still working weekends, but on the overnights; at least I could go to all of his games and maybe even coach on his teams.
I haven't given up, and I just want to move forward WITH this company. I dont find much on this type of subject but I am suffering and need to do something.........

Any ideas?
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