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Online domain property

Dear Forum,

I am running my own crossfit dojo and it is growing for every week. For the moment the only outreach and contact i've had with my customers have been through Facebook and (of course) personal contact.

However, I would like to take a step forward and expand both my outreach and my online presence by creating a website. I have been in contact wit some Swedish Web Designers who have offered my "the full package". The full package includes the domain name: | Healthy Life , pre-written news, online-marketing, etc etc. It is a very good offer.

BUT, there is always a BUT. The domain name is perfect for me since I run crossfit in Stockholm. However the domain has been in use before and there is a site there right now. My web designers says that there wont be any legal infringements by re-using the domain name. But I really want a second opinion on this. I have googled and everything on the web seem to be such "grey-zone".

Is it OK to re-use an used domain name?
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