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Insignia Travels LLC - Scam

Scam!!! Scam!!! Scam!!! Stay away from these guys.

Seems Insignia Travels LLC is the new name of MyDreamz travels. The same team has been conning people still.

I am one of their victim. I wish I read this thread before dealing with these guys.

On 04/10/2015, Mr. Aadi from Insignia Travels LLC, ( insigniatravels dot com ) approached me via email, as I was looking for tickets. We agreed up on a quote and ready to go forward. At that time he gave me two options - Payment via CC or Payment by Wire. If I go with CC, he would charge me 4% extra to cover the credit card fees. If I go with wire, there is no extra charge. (Now I repent for not taking CC option) And so I did wire money $4000 to to his wellsfargo account (No 3234609299). Later I received a confirmation number for my tickets. I immediately called airlines to confirm the tickets and they are valid.
After four days, when I happened to call the airlines to check something else, I was told the tickets were purchased using a stolen credit card. Since the purchase is not legit, they considered it as fraud and cancelled the tickets.

Since they are not valid anymore, I would have to pay them in full, if I want to travel. I tried to reach Mr. Aadi, the so called agent, to inquire and for refund. But no word from him. He doesn't answer the calls and emails, no matter how many times I call or email him.

I am still waiting to hear from him and hoping to get back my money.

Here are the company and agent details:

Insignia Travels, llc
2711 Centerville Rd STE 400
insigniatravels dot com
Person who dealt with me: Mr Aady ( )

I tried reaching their office at the DE address and came to know its just a company registration agent's address, not the real one.

If anyone who got defrauded above could please share their experiences and/or the actions that can be taken against this guy, it would be of great help.

*** Update
After research I came to know that Mr. Aadi is none other than Mr Anadi Rastogi. So guyz beware.

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