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My Dreamz Travel Fraud

I purchased international air travel tickets Insignia Travels / My Dreamz Travels based at Irving, TX for me and my family. Travel agency delivered the itinerary after the full payment of $5850 thru our credit card. We provided our passport copy for issuing the tickets.

After completing our travel and arriving back home on 06/19/14, , I got a call on July 17, 2014, from ISHA Travels, NJ( whom we never knew before and never talked before) and demanded the payment of $7389 for the same tickets on which we travelled and made the full payment to My Dreamz Travels.
Isha Travels sent us the copy of passport, which I provided to My Dreamz Travels and also a copy of credit card with my name on it against which air tickets were issued. However, the credit card does not belong to me , it only has my name on it.

Apparently, either My Dreamz Travels used my passport information and a forged credit card with my name on it to purchase the travels tickets from Isha Travels or both of the travels agents are working together to scam me.

Recently I received a legal letter from Isha Travels demanding $7389 for the tickets on which me and family travelled and are fully paid to Insignia Travels / My Dreamz Travels. Please advise what to do in this matter.
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