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Unhappy same case happened to me - My dreamz Travel

I booked flight tickets for my parents through My Dreamz Travel agent on Oct 11th 2013 to travel to and from Chennai, India to Chicago, USA by Etihad airlines. And I booked one way flight ticket for my wife and child from Chennai, India to Chicago, USA on the same flight (Etihad airlines). Here I paid this amount in two cheque’s. First cheque was on October 11th 2013 ($ 2000.00) and second one was October 24th 2013 ($ 1130.00). And the amount was debited from my account once on October 21st 2013 ($ 2000.00) and another cheque was debited on October 31st 2013 ($ 1130.00). My family (Parents, wife & child) did the onward journey on February 13th 2014 without any issue. But, while flying back to India on July 31st 2014, on the way to the Chicago Airport (O’Hare international) Mr. Anadi (My Dreamz Travel agent) called me through phone and he said “Your Parents ticket was cancelled, I apologize for that and I promise you I will book new tickets on August 04th 2014 (Monday) and your parents will fly on same day (August 04th 2014)”. I asked for what reason they cancelled the ticket, even though on July 29th 2014 I confirmed the ticket with Etihad customer service representative and they (Etihad customer service representative) sent an email also with all confirmed details. My family used same ticket while travelling from Chennai, India to Chicago, USA on February 13th 2014 without any issue. And I informed the same to agent through phone and I said that I am close to the Chicago Airport (O’Hare international) and I will verify what reason they cancelled my parent’s ticket.
At the Chicago Airport (O’Hare international), the Etihad airlines representative informed us that the tickets were cancelled by my travel agent. Upon question the Etihad airlines representatives, I was asked to provide the credit card information used as the payment mode of the ticket. Since i paid the amount to the agent Mr. Anadi (My Dreamz Travel agent) through cheque (PNC Bank - Bloomington, IL ), i was not able to produce the credit card details. Moreover, they said your tickets were refused by your travel agent. Then later I tried to reach Mr. Anadi (My Dreamz Travel agent) through Phone call at the Chicago airport (O’Hare international), but he didn’t respond my calls as well as my emails. I left from the Chicago Airport (O’Hare international), and I sent an message to Mr. Anadi (My Dreamz Travel agent) requesting him to “Please confirm the ticket on August 04th 2014 and let me know the itinerary details” and Mr.Anadi (My Dreamz Travel agent) replied to my mail “I left for the day and I will call you tomorrow”.
Then Next day August 01th 2014 (Friday), Mr. Anadi (My Dreamz Travel agent) called me and he (Mr. Anadi – My Dreamz Travel agent) promised me to book new tickets for my parents to go back to India as the fault was on his end. And again, he (Mr. Anadi – My Dreamz Travel agent) promised me I will send you the tickets on August 04th 2014 (Monday) and your parents will fly on same day. And I waited his
(Mr. Anadi – My Dreamz Travel agent) phone call on Monday (August 04th 2014) and he (Mr. Anadi) called on the same day and again he (Mr. Anadi) promised me to book the new ticket on Tuesday (August 05th 2014) and your parents will fly on Wednesday (August 06th 2014).

From that next day Tuesday (August 05th 2014) he ignored my phone calls as well as my emails. Since my parents have to travel back to India as their visas are getting expired, I was left with no choice other than making a new reservation on August 05th 2014 (Tuesday) evening with a different Travel agent which cost $ 1494 to fly my parents back to India and my parents travelled on August 07th 2014 (Thursday).
I informed to Mr. Anadi on August 06th 2014 (Wednesday) about my new tickets by email and I also informed that I will give this issue legal attention if you (Mr. Anadi – My Dreamz Travel agent) didn’t refund my new reservation ($ 1494) amount. The next day August 07th 2014 Thursday morning Mr. Anadi called me saying that he(Mr. Anadi) was sorry that he(Mr. Anadi) was not able to attend my phone calls or emails as his aunty expired on August 05th 2014 (Tuesday) and again promised me to refund the money that I spent on the new reservation and asked me to send the invoice of the payment for the new reservation. Later, on the same day (August 07th 2014 Thursday) I called to Mr. Anadi through phone call and I asked him to please reply my mail, whatever you (Mr. Anadi) promised me. But, Mr.Anadi asked me to send a disregard email to him for my previous email. I promised him once I get the amount to me, I will send an email as per his request to which he did not agree and we both ended the call.
On Saturday (August 09th 2014) morning Mr. Anadi sent an email which states “I will call you between 4pm to 5pm your time”. And he(Mr. Anadi) called me on the same day evening, again asking me to send the disregard email to get your money refunded for which I said only after receiving the money I will send the disregard email and said he(Mr. Anadi) will call me on Monday(August 11th 2014). Moreover, Mr. Anadi did not reply to my emails or did leave any written proof and his (Mr. Anadi) last call which I attended was on Saturday (August 09th 2014) evening. From that day onwards he (Mr. Anadi) is neither attending my phone calls nor replying my emails.

And I sent an another email on August 13th 2014 (Wednesday) and I gave for another one day until 14th August 2014 (Thursday) I will wait, If I didn’t receive any response from your (Mr. Anadi) end about my refund $ 1494. I will proceed with legal way to file a case against you.

Further enquiry with Etihad team, revealed that Mr.Anadi booked the tickets with a stolen credit card with a different travel agent (Travel-Wings Inc. in New York , NY.) and this is the travel agent who cancelled my tickets.

Here i have Po box address only, please find the address and help me how to proceed further;

My Dreamz Travel (My Dreamz Travels)
Anadi , Yulika
P.O.Box 171456
Irving, TX
PHONE NO.: 972-474-8888 / 561-705-4282
FAX: 972-474-8889

Here I furnished all the above truthful details from my end. And i made local police complaint also.
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