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The state hasn't "gone to the trouble" of distinguishing between fifty and a hundred cc's? Geez....the only correct thing you said was "I do not know the answer".

The time it took you to write a WRONG answer, you could have GOOGLED Michigan law where it clearly states, "You are not eligible for a moped license if your operator or chauffeur license is suspended, revoked or denied unless the suspension is for a medical reason."

The reference to 100 cc is NOT in reference to the suspended license-- it is in reference to DESCRIBING what a MOPED is and can and cannot be. "A moped is a two- or three-wheeled vehicle with a motor not exceeding 100cc engine displacement. ". It's all there on their web site. I know--why look something up when you can just GUESS, eh?

SOS - Mopeds

While you mock legitimate (and correct) answers provided for posters, consider YOUR recopying and repasting links that are ALREADY AVAILABLE to users of this site --as though it makes sense to waste bandwidth REPOSTING them?

Bless your heart.

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