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Unhappy Torn apart in Oklahoma

hi you guys, I am new here and my family is facing a huge delima and we don't know where to begin. I will start by giving you the backgroud:
My Nephew Glen who is 25 (college educated, a teacher and a coach) just lost his wife of 4 years to cancer. Robin was a remarkeable person. Robin had a son in highschool that wasn't Glens. The Bio Father is no where in the picture he has never seen Kaleb etc. Due to Robins age her parents took custody of Kaleb when he was born for health insurance reasons etc. When Glen and Robin met Glen fell in love with Kaleb- we often felt like he fell in love with him first. At this time Robin was healthy and the agreement (verbal) was that when Glen finishined College and got his first coaching job that he would be allowed to adopt kaleb and raise him as his own. Kaleb lived with Glen and Robin and except for health insurance Glen supported Kaleb. A year into their marriage Robin was diagnoised with melanoma lymphoma. She fought a long hard battle but unforntuantley she lost it. We encourged Glen many times while she was fighting the battle to get her to go ahead and push her parents for something legal where Kaleb is concerned. My nephew felt he coulndt say anything like to Robin he didn't want her to think he thought she was going to die. When Robin fell into a coma 4 weeks ago, the granmother immediatley went over to Glen and Robins house and started removing items of Kalebs. During the funeral she wouldnt allow any of us to see Kaleb hug him or antyhing. The very next day she went to Glens house and removed anything of Kalebs including his puppy. My nephew is heartbroken, not only has he lost a wife he adored he has lost his son. the grandmother has let Glen see Kalen for 5 minutes in the past 30 days and during that visit Kaleb told Glen that his mimi said he shouldnt be nice to Glen because Glen hurt his mommie. My nephew stepped up to the plate and became a man during Robins Illness- he took all the financial responsibilty and has already filed a BK and is still looking at thousands in medical bills. he has lost his world and now he is loosing the last thing he has left- Do any of you know anything we could do in this situation. How can a grandparent who says she loves her grandchild be okwith taking both of his parents away from him at one time and does Glen not get any consideration for being his parent for 4 years?

I would love to have some input- thank you so much

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