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Real estate in bankruptcy

My wife faces some large medical bills in the next few months. I think we will be OK, as we have great insurance, but I am planning ahead and trying to get some sound advice in case things take a turn for the worse financially. At some point later, bankruptcy might be an option. My main concern is this: In Chapter 7, would I lose my house? We live in NC, not a community property state. I have co-signed nothing to agree to pay for her medical bills. I owned my home before we ever met. It is paid for and my name is the only one on the deed. I bought the house 32 years ago from proceeds from my mother's estate when she passed. What would I be responsible for if she cannot pay her medical bills. Could she file bankruptcy without involving me? Thanks for any advice. As I say, I think we will be covered, but I am planning ahead. By the way, I am retired and living on Social security. She plans to retire @ 65 when she can get Medicare (4 years from now).
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