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Question Wells Fargo Student Loan Consolidation

I am just praying someone can shed some light on this. I graduated college last May and began paying student loans that I had through Sallie Mae back in December 2008. I applied for a consolidation through Wells Fargo in January to see if I could get a better interent rate and payment. After I applied and signed the promissory note and faxed it the next week they sent the Loan Disclosure form saying I had been approved and they had sent the funds to Sallie Mae. The Loan Disclosure form and the promissory note and the application all say that if I don't like the terms I am under no obligation to accept the loan. I called the same day I recieved the Loan Disclosure and was told that the funds had already been sent and I could not cancel it. Since then I've had to conact Wells Fargo multiple times and finally contacted their corprate office, where the head of the loan dept. said, "Oh I'm so sorry let me fix this". Well it still hasn't been fixed and now both their loan and the sallie mae loan are tying up my credit. I think I need to hire a lawyer but I'm unsure?? And what type of lawyer do I hire?? I have all of my paper work, I've recorded my calls, and kept copies of all of my emails!!! I feel like I'm ready to fight but I'm not sure where to start. Please help me if you can. Thank you.
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